Sunday, July 24, 2011

'A radical departure' - The Times

If you want to make a career in writing, Edinburgh Napier University's Creative Writing MA is the course for you. 

You already have the talent and ideas - we will add the knowledge you need to approach your chosen market with confidence, originality and skill. Our aim is to ensure our graduates are equipped not only to succeed, but to change the culture they choose to enter.

Teaching doesn't involve traditional workshops. Poetry is not an option.

Instead we take an innovative approach to the training and support of aspiring writers, driven by published expertise, practical experience, intellectual energy and tailored individual support. We love commercial genre fiction and literary experiments equally.

Modules focus on three key areas: narrative technique, vocational skills and cultural context. The learning experience stems from expert lectures, in-class writing challenges, group work and tutor feedback. Added to all that is our acclaimed mentoring programme.

We offer every students a minimum of ten hours one-to-one mentoring and supervision, outside of coursework and assessments. Mentoring is designed to challenge, encourage and provide the guidance most relevant to each student's goals and aspirations.

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