Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three keys skills taught at Edinburgh Napier

Teaching is almost over for the third year of our MA Creative Writing course at Edinburgh Napier. The current full-time cohort and our second-year part-timers will soon be embarking on their major projects, while places are filling up fast for the new cohort due to arrive on September 27th.

After three years, a trinity of core skills have emerged as absolutely vital. Conquer these and your writing will be so much the better. We've even used the Keep-Calm-O-Matic website to create a poster naming them. Want to master this trinity? Apply - links are top right of this page.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Full Nine Yards

Current MA Creative Writing student Catherine Simpson did not, alas, win the Mslexia Novel Writing Competition. But getting on the shortlist of twelve from hundreds of entries is no small feat, and earned her an invite to a networking event with agents and editors in London this summer.

Nine writers from the shortlist have formed a blogging collective called The Full Nine Yarns, with Catherine among them. Go here to read her first post and discover how long it takes to defrost a frozen human body. Yes, really.